Al Ain City Tour *Lunch not included

Al Ain was once a vital oasis on the caravan route from the UAE to Oman. Their history of the Garden City can be explored through visits to the 175 year old Al Nayan Family Fort, Jahili Fort , Sheikh Zayed Residence , the Al Ain National Museum and a trip to the prehistoric tombs at Hili – known to be over 4,000 years old. Other attractions include the Al Ain Oases, the Al Ain Wildlife Park & Zoo, the camel market-one of the last remaining and the small souk and the date palm plantation. Sightseeing in Al Ain also include the various attractions of the city such as Jebel Hafeet, a mountain 1240 meters above sea level. Other interesting sightseeing in Al Ain include a mineral spring Green Mubazarrah at the base of Jebel Hafeet Mountain and a drive to the top of this mountain to watch the sunset

The mountain actually straddles part of the border with Oman. The mountain rises 1240 meters and offers an impressive view over the city. Jebel Hafeet was a well-known landmark throughout the area's history and is a contemporary tourist attraction. An extensive natural cave system winds through Jebel Hafeet.

At the foothills of Jebal Hafeet lies the Green Mubazarrah, a well-developed tourist attraction. At the Green Mubazarrah, hot-water springs gush forth in little streams and form a lake. Swimming pools and jacuzzis are scattered all over the Green Mubazarrah. Jebel Hafeet is also home to a wide range of animals including bats, foxes, snakes, etc.

Adult Rate : AED 220

Child Rate ; AED 150

Timings : 09:00 – 17:00

Days of operation : Daily except Friday Min 04 PAX